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Illustrator of the Week: Ben Templesmith

August 12, 2010

After a serious hiatus from the “Illustrator of the Week” part of this blog I’ve decided to come back with a treat. This week’s artist is one of my particular favourites. His unique style and talent reintroduced me to my childhood admiration of comic art. He is another artist that fuses traditional mediums with new tools seamlessly to create work that is distinctly his.

This week’s artist/illustrator is Ben Templesmith

 welcome to hoxford, Ben Templesmith, art, comics, comic art, illustrator, illustration

Brief Bio

Ben Templesmith is an Australian-born comic book artist and writer best known for his work on the 30 Days of Night series which led to a major motion picture of the same name starring Josh Hartnett. Some other works he is known for include Welcome to Hoxford, Fell, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse and most recently Choker.

choker, Ben Templesmith, art, comics, comic art, illustrator, illustration, steve mccool

Templesmith’s artistic process often starts with pens and watercolours to produce a preliminary piece which he then finishes with various Photoshop layering techniques. To explore his process in-depth check out issue 44 of Advanced Photoshop Magazine. He also occasionally provides insights into his process on his personal website where he posts progress shots of various works.

 Ben Templesmith, art, comics, comic art, illustrator, illustration

One of the best things about Ben Templesmith is the amount of access he allows his fans. He is active on virtually every major social media network. Follow him on Twitter @Templesmith. It’s not uncommon for him to comment or respond to a fan who reaches out to him. One could make an argument that a fair amount of his success is contributed to his online social networking habits.

 wormwood, gentleman corpse, choker, Ben Templesmith, art, comics, comic art, illustrator, illustration

To look at more of his artwork, go to his personal website.

Check out a podcast interview with Ben Templesmith over at Sidebar Nation.


“How to” – Twitter ‘n’ Tings

August 12, 2010

twitter, social media, tweet deck, public relations

It’s one thing to know how to use Twitter and it’s quite another to know how to maximize its effectiveness. As a new Twitter user I’ve quickly realized that it can be very time consuming. Exploring these new frontiers brings with it an information overload and it can be quite overwhelming. Still starting out? Check out this beginner’s guide. With so much to keep track of, little to no time to sift through the copious amount of tweets, and no method to organize all this information you have to wonder if it’s useful at all.

Introducing a plethora of Twitter tools to maximize your twitter tweeting…

In this video, regular Twitter users are presented with the top time saving Twitter applications available on the internet. Two applications I found particularly interesting were Twollo and TweetDeck. The first is a way to find users who are twittering things you are interested in. You initially outline some of your interests and this application matches you with other Twitter users based on those interests. As a budding PR professional, I could find users to follow who are tweeting information useful to achieving my career goals.

twitter, twollo, social media, public relations

TweetDeck is another application that can be used in conjunction with Twitter to maximize your time. It allows you to organize your followers and their tweets based on importance to you. If you have a lot of followers you can group together important contacts who provide you with useful information in their tweets. This, of course, would be separate from your friends who like to tweet about the egg salad sandwich they ate that afternoon and all the accoutrements necessary to make it.

social media, public relations, tweet deck, tweetdeck, twitter

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Smell Like a Man, Man! Old Spice Corporate Social Media Review

August 12, 2010

old spice, social media, marketing

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Do you want your armpits to smell like the world’s most successful mountain? This is just one of the feats Old Spice boasts with its line of man scented products.

If you take a look at Old Spice’s website, it doesn’t take more than a casual glance to realize that they are targeting manly men or anyone who aspires to be one. The website as a social media tool is a vehicle of testosterone packed messages and a home base for other aspects of Old Spice’s social media campaign.

On the website we find:

Videos of Old Spice Commercials

All these commercials emphasize the same central message in a witty and humorous way. That message is; if you’re a man and want to smell like a man, buy Old Spice products.

A Blog

This collection of “Man Thoughts” provides audiences with information on new products and other man related news that is of interest to Old Spice’s target audience.

Videos from the “Swaggerize Your Wallet” Contest

This campaign was meant to engage consumers by encouraging them to complete and film various challenges and submit their videos to Old Spice. The contest winners were given prize money.

old spice, social media, marketing, public relations

Overall, the website is a good source of promotion for Old Spice products but it doesn’t do a great job creating a two-way conversation with the company and its consumers. It would benefit Old Spice to have a link to their twitter account as this provides an avenue for conversation with consumers.

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Illustrator of the Week: Simone Bianchi

July 15, 2010

This week’s artist is another talented illustrator working out of Italy. He works primarily within the superhero genre and is another example of the quality artistry that can be produced within this genre.

This week’s artist/illustrator is Simone Bianchi

x-men, xmen, Simone Bianchi, comics, art, comic art, illustation, illustrator

Bianchi has been working exclusively with Marvel Italia since 2006. Before that he had produced various covers for DC comics. He has produced covers for a number of Marvel series ranging from Spiderman to X-men. Some significant works include variant covers for the popular X-men: Messiah Complex story arc.

batman, DC, Simone Bianchi, comics, art, comic art, illustation, illustrator

Bianchi’s painted style is distinctive. He uses watercolours and acrylics to render his work. He also uses extensive photo referencing and light boxing to produce a realistic feel. This is arguable a lazy technique but it is one that is often used within the industry. What makes him worth checking out is the end product which is certainly visually appealing.

x23, x-23, marvel, hawkeye, Simone Bianchi, comics, art, comic art, illustation, illustrator

Check out a more in-depth bio here.

To look at more of his artwork, go to his personal website.

Illustrator of the Week: David Mack

July 7, 2010

This week’s artist pushes the envelope of graphic storytelling. Sometimes moving away from the style of the traditional comic book he doesn’t cease to find new and creative ways to tell a story. He is another artist that uses traditional mediums but he uses old techniques in a manner that is fresh.

This week’s artist/illustrator is David Mack

 art, david mack, electric ant, art, comics, illustration, illustrators, comic art

Brief Bio

David Mack is an American comic book artist and writer best known for his creator-owned series Kabuki. He was educated at Northern Kentucky University, graduating in 1995 with a BFA in graphic design. His thesis for University became the first graphic novel in the Kabuki series.

 art, david mack, kabuki, art, comics, illustration, illustrators, comic art

Mack is a painter but his style is unique in that he often uses collage-like work to illustrate. Rather than putting together collages using a computer he prefers to apply objects directly onto his art. Aside from Kabuki he has also worked on Marvel’s Daredevil series. While he is best known for his comic illustrations he is an artist in his own rite with work being displayed in the Los Angeles Museum of Art and other exhibits.

 art, david mack, kabuki, art, comics, illustration, illustrators, comic art

Check out a more in-depth bio here.

To look at more of his artwork, go to his personal website.

Illustrator of the Week: Kent Williams

June 23, 2010

Last week we took a look at digital artists working primarily in the superhero genre. This week we move back to a traditional artist who has done illustrations for graphic novels and other comics. He is another example how traditional painting can be used in graphic storytelling to create a genuine piece of artwork.

This week’s artist/illustrator is Kent Williams

 kent williams, comics, graphic novels, painting, illustrator

Brief Bio

Kent Williams is an American painter educated at the Pratt Institute in New York City. He works primarily as a painter but he has produced illustrations for comics as well. This include cover art for Vertigo’s Hellblazer series.

 the fountain, kent williams, painter, painting, illustrator

His most notable and recent illustrations have been featured in Darren Aronofsky’s graphic novel The Fountain. After the original negotiations to create the movie fell through, Darren Aronofsky recruited Kent Williams to illustrate the script in the form of a graphic novel. The story would eventually be made into a movie starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz

the fountain, kent williams, painter, painting, illustrator

Check out a more in-depth Kent Williams bio and a list of works here

Check out his website for more of his artwork

Illustrator of the Week: Marko Djurdjevic and Adi Granov

June 16, 2010

Since I missed last week, this week’s posting will feature two artists of similar style. The last posting in this series looked at Yoshitaka Amano, an artist who gained a fair amount of his notoriety for concept art. The next two artists also began as concept artists. They specialize in digital medium, using computer programs and tablets to produce their work. I’m not the biggest fan of digitally produced art but these two artists are masters of their craft and they deserve recognition for their talent.

This week’s artists/illustrators are Marko Djurdjevic and Adi Granov

Marko Djurdjevic – A Brief Bio

 venom, sub-mariner, marko djurdjevic, art, concept art, comics, comic art

Marko Djurdjevic is a German national producing illustrations primarily for Marvel. Marko is completely self-taught and began work as a professional illustrator when he was 17. As a child he was unaware that artists used photo-referencing to produce work and assumed they worked only from their imagination. Because of this assumption, he taught himself to draw without the use of photo-referencing. Early in his career he posted his artwork on an online art community called Here he gained recognition and this eventually led to his success as an artist.

 blade, marko djurdjevic, art, concept art, comics, comic art

Marko produces all of his work from his imagination. He primarily works with a computer and tablet because it is an easy way to speed up the process.

Check out an inspiring podcast interview with him over at Sidebar Nation.

Check out a more in-depth bio and a list of his works here.


Adi Granov – A Brief Bio

 iron man, adi granov, art, concept art, comics, comic art

Adi Granov is another Marvel artist who does a lot of concept work. He is best known for his revamp of the Iron Man series and his concept work for the Iron Man movies. The suits in the Iron Man movies were based on his designs. Like Marko he also uses a computer and tablet to produce his work.

 iron man, captain america, adi granov, art, concept art, comics, comic art

Check out a great podcast interview with him over at Sidebar Nation.

Go to his personal website to check out more of his work.

 human torch, adi granov, concept art, art, comics, comic art

Notable Works

Iron Man