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Futurecamp 2010: HumberPR 2C Staying Connected

April 28, 2010
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HumberPR 2C at FutureCamp 2010

Topic: Maintaining social capital and staying connected with the 2010 Humber PR winter certificate students.

On Wednesday April 28, 2010 the HumberPR 2C class came together to discuss how we would stay connected once our program was done. We were broken up into groups based on our area of interest (i.e. Agency, Public Affairs, Arts and Entertainment, Non-Profit, etc.).

Each person wrote a blog post on the following question…

How will you stay connected with the other people in your “mini-group” to help each other be successful in your particular area of PR?

Here is my response…

The plan is to use social media vehicles to stay connected and instigate face-to-face gatherings. This includes but is not limited to twitter and facebook. The in-person gatherings will give us the opportunity to discuss our business and social life. Hopefully these continued interactions will allow us to maintain connections and allow us to help each other out with our careers.

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