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“How to” – Twitter ‘n’ Tings

August 12, 2010

twitter, social media, tweet deck, public relations

It’s one thing to know how to use Twitter and it’s quite another to know how to maximize its effectiveness. As a new Twitter user I’ve quickly realized that it can be very time consuming. Exploring these new frontiers brings with it an information overload and it can be quite overwhelming. Still starting out? Check out this beginner’s guide. With so much to keep track of, little to no time to sift through the copious amount of tweets, and no method to organize all this information you have to wonder if it’s useful at all.

Introducing a plethora of Twitter tools to maximize your twitter tweeting…

In this video, regular Twitter users are presented with the top time saving Twitter applications available on the internet. Two applications I found particularly interesting were Twollo and TweetDeck. The first is a way to find users who are twittering things you are interested in. You initially outline some of your interests and this application matches you with other Twitter users based on those interests. As a budding PR professional, I could find users to follow who are tweeting information useful to achieving my career goals.

twitter, twollo, social media, public relations

TweetDeck is another application that can be used in conjunction with Twitter to maximize your time. It allows you to organize your followers and their tweets based on importance to you. If you have a lot of followers you can group together important contacts who provide you with useful information in their tweets. This, of course, would be separate from your friends who like to tweet about the egg salad sandwich they ate that afternoon and all the accoutrements necessary to make it.

social media, public relations, tweet deck, tweetdeck, twitter

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