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Smell Like a Man, Man! Old Spice Corporate Social Media Review

August 12, 2010

old spice, social media, marketing

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Do you want your armpits to smell like the world’s most successful mountain? This is just one of the feats Old Spice boasts with its line of man scented products.

If you take a look at Old Spice’s website, it doesn’t take more than a casual glance to realize that they are targeting manly men or anyone who aspires to be one. The website as a social media tool is a vehicle of testosterone packed messages and a home base for other aspects of Old Spice’s social media campaign.

On the website we find:

Videos of Old Spice Commercials

All these commercials emphasize the same central message in a witty and humorous way. That message is; if you’re a man and want to smell like a man, buy Old Spice products.

A Blog

This collection of “Man Thoughts” provides audiences with information on new products and other man related news that is of interest to Old Spice’s target audience.

Videos from the “Swaggerize Your Wallet” Contest

This campaign was meant to engage consumers by encouraging them to complete and film various challenges and submit their videos to Old Spice. The contest winners were given prize money.

old spice, social media, marketing, public relations

Overall, the website is a good source of promotion for Old Spice products but it doesn’t do a great job creating a two-way conversation with the company and its consumers. It would benefit Old Spice to have a link to their twitter account as this provides an avenue for conversation with consumers.

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Check out Old Spice’s  most recent social media campaign, sending personal responses to some of their enthusiasts.

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